Sunday, May 2, 2010


Most people think stroke as a sudden, catastrophic event. But a more common event is the silent stroke. Silent stroke often don’t cause any other symptoms at all, but over time, they chip away at your ability to function. It happens when a tiny clot breaks from a vessel in the arms or legs. It’s a way to the brain and plugs up a capillary, preventing oxygen rich blood from reaching the tissue on the other side. Almost instantly, a pin size part of your brain dies. You, however, feel fine. You don’t even know it happened, so you don’t change your life style to reduce your risk of another. After a couple of year it happens again. Then you can’t play any outdoor game with your fingers anymore. You can’t always find the right word, or may be you become frustrated because you keep forgetting the punch line of any joke you have been telling for years. Your peripheral vision has reduced quite a bit.
Even when stroke does cause immediate symptoms, they are so minimal and you may not realize what’s happening until its too late. The numerous risk factors for stroke typically produce no symptoms and thus often remain hidden and untreated. When tests do detects the warning sign even the most ominous, such as an abnormal heart beats and a noise in the neck arteries, It is often down played or mistreated by doctors who underestimate the treats. All of which are excellent reasons why you should know whether you are a prime candidate for the condition.
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