Sunday, May 2, 2010

keeping fit my body

I started taking fit my body after “I realized the difference it could make my carrier”
I started taking fitness seriously only after I realized the difference it could make my carrier. I have a couple of dumbbells, an abs machine and a back stretcher at home, on which I put in a few minutes daily. When I have the time I go to the Club for some supervised workouts. I don’t care for weight training frankly, although I don’t neglect it.
I started my day early with a little yoga, mostly pranayam and then move onto the sweaty stuff. I also walk a lot and do plenty of abs workout stretches. Exercise always boost my confidence and improve my overall sense of well being. And those feeling tend to get reflected in my work and in the real life roles I play. I have noticed that when my mind and body are at peace, I am better father, husband, son and all.
For that we should use ignorant diets. Etc..
What should be your Perspective

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