Friday, February 4, 2011

Our health

Our health depends upon eating; how we are eating food is a factor for our health. There are enormous person who always use to take care of our self like wise mother nurture her baby. We always try to keep in mind that is fit for everything.
Things are we never think about,

1. I have seen many people at the time of eating they drink water with food. That is bad for Our health. We should drink water either before one hour eating or after an hour of eating. I have seen many people who take drink only 2 glass of water in whole days that’s not fare. A people should drink at least 8-9 liter of water in a day.

2. Eating is a good habit. We should eat 3- times in days. I have seen who are working with any organization or student. They never care about Our health they just take minimum food and use to drink wines a lot. It is a main cause to harm our health.

3. Many of us prefer snacks when they get bored and when you will ask why you are having at a time of dinner they use to tell us just time pass man. I dont think this is a way to keep our health good.  
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